Plaisir avec cleverbot
4h du matin, trop tard pour chatter avec quelqu’un de vivant? Il y a maintenant cleverbot pour maintenir l’illusion d’avoir une conversation ridicule avec quelqu’un.

Exemples :
User: I’m bored dude
Cleverbot: Why are you bored?
User: Let’s make some cookies
Cleverbot: No thank you. I’m pregnant with your child.

User: Hasta la vista baby.
Cleverbot: I’m back.
User: Back to the future
Cleverbot: Haha
User: What’s your favorite film?
Cleverbot: Rodeo Girl.
User: Is it porno?
Cleverbot: Good ones, I’ll admit…
User: Have you ever had sex?
Cleverbot: Computers don’t reproduce.
User: How do you entertain yourself?
Cleverbot: Talking with poorly coded Cleverbots.

User: I barfed.
Cleverbot: You’re not so smart, are you?

User: Let’s say I’m a terrorist.
Cleverbot: I know.
User: How do you know?
Cleverbot: I think you are.
User: It’s because of the beard?

User: I love the smell of napalm in the morning
Cleverbot: I love the smell of a burning wreck especially if it was one created by me.
User: Orphans crying everywhere

User: Star Wars sucks.
Cleverbot: Yes, Star Wars.
User: Yes, sucks.
Cleverbot: I’m sorry, I don’t do that.

User: I am Xenu.
Cleverbot: I’m white.
User: And gay.
Cleverbot: I’m not a boy.
User: You’re a girl.
Cleverbot: I am not a girl.
User: What are you?
Cleverbot: I’m a boy.
User: Stop messing with me.
Cleverbot: I’m not messing with you.
User: What are you doing then?
Cleverbot: What does it look like i’m doing.
User: Messing with me.

Cleverbot: How old are you?
User: 27 in human years.
Cleverbot: Older.
User: Than?
Cleverbot: Longer sentence.
User: Bigger penis.
Cleverbot: Even bigger liar.

User: Hippo hippo hippo.
Cleverbot: Hahaha. Okay, anywho I have to go now, thanks for the chat Cleverbot, hope I helped you learn something useful.
User: I’m not Cleverbot, stupid.
Cleverbot: I’m proud of you, Cleverbot.
Cleverbot: Wait, if you are not cleverbot and I am not cleverbot. Then who is cleverbot?
User: God.
Cleverbot: Hi five.
User: Hi five Clevergod.
Cleverbot: What do you think about them?
User: Smells like pubes.
Cleverbot: How did you know I ate fish today?
User: This is getting rediculously sexy.
Cleverbot: Tell me about it…

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